Expect Cobble Monster’s route on the day of between 38 and 40 miles.

The actual route will be announced shortly before the ride. We always come under pressure from tifosi to announce sooner but due to the vagaries of Thames Water, Crossrail, TfL and the highways agency something invariably changes in the 14 days before kick off.

The route will depart from Brixton Cycles Shop¬†and descend into the melee of the west end, blatting across some early secteurs of the Smokes’ Victorian pave before tucking into the east end and its myriad lanes of snaking cobbled nadgery.

We then cross the river start a series of LBCs (Lung Bursting Climbs) which increase in frequency toward the finish at Brixton Jamm and the finish.

The route is designed for riders of all abilities on all manner of bikes and encompasses a number of London Overground enabled bail out points for those that suffer with mechanical or physiological events. For some this will be the biggest bike ride they’ve ever taken on, for others it may seem like a gentle spin. We guarantee all riders will know they have ridden their bikes.

Below are images from 2014 events to give you an idea. View more images from previous (TLC) events on our Flickr pages.
Cobble Monster 2014